West Australian Lobster (Sea Dragon) & Octopus Experience

Operating year round

About The Tour

Looking for a nature based experience catching the world renowned West Australia Lobster (Sea Dragon) or Octopus, Take your prized wild caught catch home fresh for dinner or if your looking to impress some one we can arrange to have your catch prepared by one of our local chefs for an intimate experience, indulging in these exquisite natural products.

What's Included?


Licensing and Bait are provided for the mornings Lobster (Sea Dragon) Octopus Tours, on departure from the vessel the days catch will be packaged for your convenience.

AustSea Tours can customise tours to accommodate your requirements, including catering by any third party provider to offer your friend, family or corporate partners a personal experience.


Price - $228 per person



Booking & Availability

Premium Rock Lobster Experience Tour

Terms & Conditions

Health Waiver

Any medical conditions or allergies and concerns must be addressed at the time of booking.

No Recreational Fishing License (RFL) required:

No Smoking

Smoking and E-Cigarettes are not permitted on board or near the vessel as a health & safety consideration to tour guest and crew.


AUSTSEA TOURS Western Australian Lobster (Sea Dragon) Octopus experience is conducted daily from early morning a bit early for alcohol consumption?

Safety Brief:

Prior to departure the vessels crew will conduct a safety briefing to familiarise all tour guest with the vessels safety equipment and emergency procedures.

 Customer Behavior:

  • It is required that all customers behave in a safe and respectful manner to all staff, other customers and our property.
  • If we find that there has been loss or damage to our equipment or vessel due to negligence or unruly behavior then the customer will be liable for replacement or repair of the item (funds will be taken from the credit card that is held for security).
  • The Vessel Master reserves the right to cancel a trip and payment forfeited if unruly or unsafe behavior is displayed.

General Rules:

  • Time to arrive 7:15 am (Tours can be customised to suit)
  • Clothing, Dress Sun Smart, bring a jumper just in case it gets chilly and closed soft soled shoes.
  • If people want to pay at the boat in the morning they will have to call the night before to confirm they will be coming.
  • All fishing locations (GPS Marks) remain the intellectual property of AUSTSEA TOURS and no GPS navigational apps or navigational aids are to be permitted or used during our tours.

Reservations and Bookings:

  • No booking will be guaranteed until full payment has been received 12 hours prior to departure.
  • No guest shall be permitted to board the vessel until full payment has been received.

Cancellations & Refunds:

  • AUSTSEA TOURS or the vessels Master reserves the right to cancel or postpone a trip due to inclement weather, not being limited to the wind speed and direction, swell conditions or any other circumstances beyond their control at any time.
  • If AUSTSEA TOURS cancels a charter due to safety concerns, or insufficient numbers (Minimum of 3) you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule the charter or receive a full refund.
  • AUSTSEA TOURS will not be held liable for any indirect costs incurred by booking a fishing charter with us.
  • In the event the trip is cancelled at any time by AUSTSEA TOURS, we will not be held liable for any travel costs, meals, accommodation or any other costs the customer may have incurred.

Number of Passengers:

  • Maximum number of passengers: 6
  • Minimum number of passengers: 3

Gift Certificates:

  • Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash, nor are they transferable.
  • The purchaser of the gift certificate can purchase a specific value of credit or type of charter. AUSTSEA TOURS cannot assist with lost or stolen gift certificates, please be careful with them. The value of gift certificate is held in trust for use by the bearer. 

Disclaimer of Limitations of Liability and Indemnity

  • AUSTSEA TOURS takes all care and due diligence, but accept no responsibility or liability for personal belongings such as jewelry, electronic equipment, personal injury/illness or harm whilst on tour, (such as seasickness) and no refund will be given.
  • Due to the fact that the AUSTSEA TOURS operates a nature based business we do not guarantee or warrant that your use of our services will guarantee a take home catch on our tours.
  • No guest are permitted to access the vessel until they have been given clear instruction to do so, and assisted by the vessels crew.
  • For the safety of all persons on board, all guest are to listen and follow the vessels Masters and Fishing Coordinators instructions at all times.
  • Upon receiving payment for our charter services you have acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions listed above.

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